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Advisory Services

With 25 years experience working in the health telecommunications technology market, working with hundreds of participants expert advice and consultancy services is available to companies, health systems, investors, government agencies and others in areas from risk assessment to market entry to strategic communications strategies.

Policy Analysis

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly and these changes affect anyone working in both the private and public sectors, across industries and services. All too often, political developments take surprising turns and being prepared is, thus, all the more important to safeguard current and future investments. With years of experience with the highest levels of government as well as with the complexity of regulations timely analysis and future scenarios can be provided that help understand emerging opportunities and mitigate risk.

Making Connections

Business success is all about making the right connections--new colleagues, employees, customers, friends, and partners--and finding the people who will lead you to new opportunities. But for too many, it's more about volume than true connections.  Developing corporate synergy with the right partners can be leveraged to meet goals and improve impact.  With hundreds of connections in the health, technology, investor and policy worlds tailored connections can be introduced.


Evaluations have become a constant requirement for health providers and even organizations working in developing countries to enhance their efficiency and comply with reporting standards. Extensive experience and capabilities are available from conducting evaluability assessments to identifying core competencies to pinpointing vulnerabilities.


Innovation requires teaming.  actively building and developing teams even as a project is in process. well-designed teams require team members with the right skills and experiences for the task, adequate resources, and access to coaching and support.  Linkous Health is developing teaming relationships with an array of experts that can be made available to work hand-in-hand to design project or enterprise-wide solutions related to the use of the right technology, the right work-flows and the right administrative and financial arrangements to meet the promise that telemedicine and related applications ​offer.